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Disaster and Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

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What is Disaster Recovery?

The companies need a safeguard to keep operating in case of an serious incident or disaster that affects their information system. Disaster Recovery is an important part of the company continuity management and plays a key role in the corporate process maintenance. And with Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), it outsource the critic system security copy to specialized partners.

40% of the small and medium companies never re-open after a natural disaster

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Disaster and Recovery as a Service (DRaaS)

What is it and how does it benefit my company?

Disaster Recovery as a service, or DRaaS solution, allows the company to recover data and critical applications quickly by making use of an IT provider´s facilities on the external cloud (for example, desktops, social media, and storage)

DRaaS (Disaster Recovery as a Service) offers instant recovery services by executing systems on a external data center.

How does it work?

There is three critical phases for a DRaaS´s plan
Replication I Fallover I Failback


During a disaster, the replication guarantees that the companies have a server’s copy (virtual and/ or physicals). Also, an accurate replication guarantees the frequents and updated snapshots availability to minimize the data lost.


During a disaster, the companies target is to guarantee that the end-users don´t experience any service difference. The Fallover makes the organization end-user enter to the external contingency environment. This transition process, with the right provider, should be easy and quick.


  1. Once the disaster is mitigated, Failback is the transition process of the end-user’s access to the original organization. This final step, Failback, prepares the environment so then the replication can be activated again, ensuring that the organization is protected continuously.

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Disaster Recovery as a Services benefits

Fast Recovery with minimum inactivity time

The longer is the inactivity time, the more critical data can be lost. With DRaaS, the companies can continue operating and restore important resources in minutes.

A costs efficient

The Disaster Recovery Plan´s cost in your facilities is expensive (Hardware investment, software, maintenance, etc.), consequently, many organizations choose for not have one. With DRaaS, companies invest once minimally, and it belongs to a monthly, affordable, and frequent service.

More flexibility

As a DRasS solution´s client, a company can select the recovery reach of their choice, which can include servers’ failures, disasters caused by men, energy lost, building access´ lost, data obstruction and more.

Resources ‘optimization

DRaaS is based on the cloud, which means that companies only pay for what they need, with the alternative of update it as the needs grow. This results in impressive costs savings on software licenses and hardware.

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