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How the cloud can increase your business´s agility

What does the agility represent for a company?

The agility refers to a company´s capacity to adapt to changes quickly and profitably. Today, available technologies in the cloud approach the companies to a huge range of solutions to cover the requirements of business.

On an extremely competitive market, for an organization to compete effectively, needs to be agile. The use of the cloud can offer several opportunities for your organization to increase their business´s agility.

According to a Harvard Business Review´s investigation, the biggest advantage of using the cloud is the corporate agility (32% of the respondents)

Business agility´s benefits

On-Demand Scalability

The cloud offers to the organizations the opportunity to scale under request ( if the business requires it), allowing to just pay what they really use. This is very valuable, because it saves money to the organizations and allows them to reply better to their client’s needs

Your data, where you need it, when you need it

Thanks to the cloud, now we have a biggest data availability than ever. Your employees can work easily remotely, with bigger flexibility and productivity. The cloud admits the intern and extern collaboration, which makes the projects and teamwork por productive and efficient.

Update easiness and test of new solutions

With the cloud, the updates can be completed on a faster and more efficient way. If your organization have hired a Managed Service Provider, the updates would be even easier, because they will be managed by you.

Reduce the business complexity

The cloud works for reduce the complexity of an organization through the internal operations simplification and resources delivery, new ways for the employees to collaborate and work, the faster and simpler new technologies and business initiatives implementation, act on productive and efficient data.

And saving costs!

All this allows your teams to focus on more important commercial chores that promote their organizational target. Trying new solutions is much easier and economic with the cloud, since it reduces significatively CAPEX (new equipment) and OPEX ( along with its installation, qualification, and maintenance)

Your organization delivers results faster, with a more dynamic and safe environment, which operates in a more profitable way!