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Virtual Office Desktops as a Service (DaaS)

Remote working is a reality. Generate workspaces in the cloud: Safe, Dynamic, and affordable

Oficina Virtual Escritorios como Servicio (DRaaS)

Digital Workspaces has become more and more requested, mainly, because of COVID-19´s global pandemic. Analysts ensure that many of these workers will never return to the office every day, which is why the companies will capitalize on remote working ‘adoption.

In the cloud we can develop
“ digital workspaces”

The Software as a Service (SaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) are an elastic and flexible mode, because they offer more or less resources according to our needs and we only pay for what we use.

That way, we can build remote workspaces for companies and their workers.

– Multiple services
– Scalables
– Secures
– Price convenient (pay per use)

Desktop as a Service (Daas)

Cloudpiles approach to the organizations the AWS Workspace desktops managed service. The great attractive from this service is that you can access to your desktop from anywhere, any moment, from any device.

Cloudpiles DaaS service benefits
with Amazon Workspaces


Simple desktop delivery

AWS Workspaces realese you from manage all the hardware and software components in your desk, including the operational system, and doesn’t need creating any complex Virtual Desktop Infrastructure (VDI). You don’t need to know your desktop´s life cycle. When you create one, it provision and implement automatically. Amazon maintain it.

Entrega de escritorio simple


Manage your
desktop resources

You can choose the resources from a variety of CPU, memory and solid state storage variety, which reduce the unnecessary hardware purchase to satisfy your Amazon workspaces needs. If you need software, you can include Office, antivirus, etc.

Administre sus recursos de escritorio


Obtain a flexible SO implementation

AWS workspaces offers Windows 10, Amazon Linux operative system, and the desktops experience of these operative system can be achieved form any device. Also, it allows you to use your personal license to execute them in the workspaces with your default setting.

Obtenga una implementación de SO flexible


Centralized management and grading of your global desktop deployment

Amazon Workspace is available in multiple AWS areas and offers access to high-performance desktops in the cloud. It can manage the global deployment of thousands of desktops in just a few minutes. Also, it adapts to your employees´ needs, handing over or removing desktops quickly.

Gestión y escalado centralizados de su implementación global de escritorio


Costs minimization

Amazon Workspaces eliminates the necessity of buying more desktops and laptops resources, by providing on-demand access to desktops in the cloud to satisfy the users performance ‘needs.

Minimización de costos


Data´ safety

Amazon´s workspace are deployed in the Amazon´s Virtual Private Cloud (VPC), which brings to every user access to a continuous encrypted amount of storage on AWS´s cloud and it is fully integrated with validation mechanisms such as Active Directory. The users ‘data are stored in the cloud, ensuring the organizations ‘data.

Ensure the cloud operation with our Corporative services


Complete visibility

Totally managed

Pay per use

Monitoring 24x7