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VMware Cloud on AWS

Innovate quicker, speed up your cloud transition and work safely from any location thanks to the complete variety of more than 200 AWS´services.

AWS is VMware´s favorite public cloud partner for every workload based on vSphere. The AWS and VMware´s partnership brings an affordable, simpler, and faster route to the hybrid cloud, that also allows the clients to upgrade applications by speeding up the sales and reinforce the innovation. Use governance, the processes, and its current abilities to deliver desktops and virtual applications safely thanks to our Virtual Desktops Infrastructure solutions with the purpose of allowing the staff to work safely from any location. The new instances of Amazon EC2.i3em.metal for VMware Cloud on AWS, with Intel Xeon´s scalable processors technologies, offers a network´s high performance and lower latency, so it can migrate the data center to the cloud to quickly make a data center´s extraction, recovery in case of a disaster and applications upgrading.

The power of VMware and AWS

VMware Cloud on AWS stands the data center software by VMware´s enterprise class software to the AWS´s cloud and allows the clients to execute production applications in the hybrid cloud environment, public or private, based on VMware vSphere with optimized access to the AWS´services. VMware Cloud on AWS received the CRN award for Product of the year 2020 in the subcategory hybrid cloud: costumer demand

El poder de VMware y AWS​


The costumers benefits are informed in the IDC 2021´s report, The Business Value of VMware Cloud on AWS for Supporting Business- Critical Applications




Operations total
cost´s reduction


ROI at
5 years

9,6M USD

Total profits
per year

Mayor nivel de innovación

Higher level of innovation

VMware workloads that are executed in AWS have access to a wide and complete range of more than 200 services. The latency-sensitivity and VMware located applications can obtain access directly to Aurora, Dynamo or Redshift data base to do data analysis at petabytes scale. Also, they have safe and direct access to S3 buckets, the items and API functions at low cost.


The organizations can simplify their IT hybrid operations by using the VMware Cloud Foundation technologies, as well as vSphere, vSAN, NSX and vCenter Server technologies, both on data center facilities and on AWS cloud. Also, they can migrate applications easily between the facilities and AWS without buying new hardware, applications rewrite and modifying operations.


VMware Cloud on AWS allows the organizations to optimize the costs of using AN hybrid, consistent and coherent IT environment. It is not necessary to deploy a personalized hardware on the facilities environment, nor change applications to adopt a hybrid cloud model. You can use VMware´s politics and management tools on the facilities and on VMware Cloud on AWS, for you to have a functionally united and consistent experience.

Improvements in
the availability

VMware Cloud on AWS helps to speed up the workload’s migration based on VMware vSphere to AWS cloud. The service allows the workloads based on VMware to be executed directly in the dedicated facilities of Amazon EC2 based on last-generation Nitro systems and allows them to provision on an isolated and only tenant Amazon VPC. This strategy enables the organizations to advantage the AWS´scalability, availability, safety and global reach immediately.